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Intellatech was established in 2002 by Craig Cooley in response to a profound demand for a new generation of "cyber centric" marketing expertise.  At that time, and even today, Craig found there to be an enormous lack of talent and expertise to tap into with regard to developing dynamic marketing and public relations programs; ones that utilize our new evolving media technologies for the greatest financial success.

In response, he developed marketing tools such as the "Sales Spiral Syndrome" that combines the "tried and true" dynamics of traditional marketing with the new, powerful, viral and often self-propagating components of our new marketing culture.  Another tool of the marketing trade is a five part "proforma", a simple planning tool that is applicable to any marketing effort; from shoe laces to high pressure transducers.  These two simple tools have brought success again and again to many enterprises; they are tried and true, they are proven essentials.

Specifically, the best successes are derived from gaining a clear understanding of "change" and with "change" identifying the opportunities that will bring the greatest financial success.

That is the essence of market planning, or an even better choice of verbiage is "success planning".  While success may often appear to be an accident, it is, almost without exception, a planned success.

Published Articles...

Craig Cooley, with 30 years of corporate experience in marketing, promotions, and public relations, is a recognized marketing authority. His career path started in the corporate audit department of a major real estate developer and quickly he advanced through operations and property management on to corporate operations.  From operations he identified intelligent marketing as a core operative dynamic that brings the greatest success to any business / market or product.  With this perspective he transitioned to Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing for major real estate and hospitality corporations.

He has cut a path as a clear speaking spokesperson for industry professionals addressing their concerns and cultural challenges as companies negotiate the myriad of hazards and opportunities that have become an everyday component of markeing in the era of e-commerce.  He has become a well-published authority on these issues, including the nascent discipline of yield management.  His numerous articles have been widely published, with such titles / topics as "Yes, Hotels can Make Money and Sustain Growth", "Connectivity, Connectivity, Connectivity", "Location, Location, Location", and "Should I Fire my Franchisor?".


Marketing/ Branding and/or Consulting that combines traditional hospitality disciplines and new e-commerce models, that maximize the synergy between both; utilizing new cutting-edge cyber-centric marketing tools; designing new product operational models that identify revenue opportunities, facilitate and maximize development, and their tactical implementation through key staff members and operational schedules.  Motivational guest speaker and seminar conductor.

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